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6 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Rental/Condo vs. Hotel Room in East Burke Vermont

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

When most people start planning a vacation to the Burke Mountain Area, whether it's mountain biking Kingdom Trails, skiing the slopes, or hiking up the mountainside, they immediately start searching for hotels. We at Burke Mountain Rentals encourage you to consider staying at a vacation rental or condo your next trip to the East Burke Vermont area.

Image of Family Picnic in Burke Mountain
With Burke Mountain Rentals Get Access to Trails Right Outside Your Back Door.

1. Cost Savings - At Burke Mountain Rentals, rates are significantly less expensive during the summer for a private, 2 bedroom condo that sleeps six comfortably compared to a two bedroom suite at the mountain’s hotel. While 2 bedroom suites at the hotel for three nights land at approximately $1000 after fees and taxes, the condo with all its privacy comes in slightly under $650, cleaning included. Surely, everyone has their preference, but good to know. These rates are based on a weekend stay in mid-July. Rates may vary, of course, but it gives you a solid heads up if cost and privacy is important to your group.

2. Complimentary Services & Benefits- Little things matter, like your own private back deck, personal fireplace, wood cut and stacked and did we mention hiking trails right outside your back porch! So sip your coffee and tea and relax by the fire, or get the hiking gear on and go for a stroll!

Relax and unwind After A Long Day Mountain Biking Kingdom Trails By Your Private Fireplace.

3. Conveniently Located- Most people on vacation in the East Burke Vermont Area choose to spend as much time outside as possible, seeing the local sites, mountain biking, participating in tours, skiing or just relaxing in the wide open mountain air. Our Condo properties are located at the base of Burke Mountain and the potential savings from your booking can be spent on experiences like these that make your vacation that much more memorable.

4. All the Comforts of Home and More- Because our condos are equipped with a full kitchen and utensils, you can have the freedom to prepare meals while on vacation. Rather than spending money and time heading out for breakfast, you can simply wake up and eat right in your condo. Not to mention having multiple bathrooms, so no one ever fights over who gets to the shower first.

5. Sleep In and Relax- Get the convenience of not waking up to someone inches away in the other room. Each of the condo facilities has private bedrooms fully equipped with comfy bed, towels, and linens provided. Sleep in and relax without the nuisance of hotel doors slamming at all hours of the day and night.

6. Extras for Extended Stays- Most condo rentals are equipped with items that many hotel rooms or suite will just never have. Some properties also include your own private washer and dryer which makes staying and extended amount of time much more comfortable.

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