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I want to extract specific string as follow: T: Homepage.. Av Music Morpher Gold 5053 Serial Number Free 14 For example: T: Homepage.. I need to download the.png file to hard drive. I also want to get the content(T: Homepage...). Note: I don't want to use library. How can I solve this? A: Well, I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, but this is one way to do it: First, read all the lines of the file into an array. Create another array containing only the lines that you want to have in the end. For each line of the input file, check if it matches any line in the "curious" array. If it does, print the line. Example code: $text = file_get_contents("test.txt"); $curious = array('T: Homepage..', 'This is the second string'); // we read the file into a simple array $lines = explode(" ", $text); // we create another array, this time containing the lines we want to keep $output = array(); foreach ($lines as $line) { $pos = strpos($line, 'T:'); if ($pos === 0) { $output[] = $line; } } // we print the result foreach ($output as $line) { echo $line." "; } Output: T: Homepage.. This is the second string West Ham United and West Ham United Ladies are delighted to announce the signing of striker Harry Kane. The 19-year-old striker has signed a three-year deal after completing his studies at Tottenham Hotspur’s Centre of Excellence. Spurs’ Vice-Chairman Ed Warner said: “This is a very exciting signing for the club, a young player who has shown great potential and we wish him well for the future.” Harry said: “I’m delighted to be here and playing for the Hammers. I’ve been at Tottenham Hotspur for a while now and I�


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